18 September 2010


So, finally my big hair-plan worked, after a couple of months of trying!
I'm now a brunette! (My milkytea hair was actually multiple dye mistakes)

Crazy hands are crazy

So, what do you think? :D
The SUPERLIGHTS in the puri booth makes it look lighter, it's darker IRL, but I'm anyway going to dye it again so it becomes darker(and less prone to become green 'cause my serious lack of red pigments).

Been going to Nakano alot lately! Or well, two times this last week, haha.
Anyway, I found a gold mine there, "Mode Off" (in Sunmall), it's a second hand shop with *gasp* reasonable prices! That's like, RARE in Japan! (or anywhere else!).
Bought a dress, hoodie and a prettipretti cardigan for just 1300yen. Alltogheter! Crazy, I know!
Also available in the store is a Vivienne Westwood bag for the whopping price of 6000yen.
If I didn't dislike that particular pattern I'd be on it in a heartbeat. Also found some different gyaru brands, like ANAP, Cecil Mcbee etc. And of course brands like Ralph Lauren, Miu Miu etc, all for very reasonable prices, and in top quality!
Love the place, check it out!

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