09 September 2010

Elections and pancakes

Yeah man! Went to the Swedish embassy to vote in the upcoming swedish election!
It was interesting going there, and quite fun to see the surprised looks on they who worked there's faces, when around 20 young swedes bursted in. We got to know that it was mainly just people coming one and one, or maybe two, so he was glad to see so many that was interested in the election, at the same time, haha.
It's only the second time I've ever voted, and this time they didn't have the ballots for my party, so I had to do it on a blank one. Oh, choosing color, making sure you don't accidentaly take another parties ballot.. Ah.. Oh well, I managed to!

This was also the first time I went to Roppongi, I've kind of been avoiding it.
After being there, I can't really say I've missed anything. Okay, was kinda cool seeing Konami's office!

Also, we were going to go to the Swedish theme restaurant "Lilla Dalarna", who had moved locations. Unfortunatly, they decided to move, and in the process make it less themed, and more ordinary. Before the move I've been told they had dalahorses and other swedish things all around the restaurant, but when walking in to the new location it just looked like.. a restaurant. So, we left.
And! I drank pancake! It was reaally good though! But, I got terribly stomachache after drinking it, so.. uh, be careful!