14 September 2010

2 in 1 day? What?!

With starting to post outfit pictures and.. Well, pictures of me, I realize what a crappy poser I am.
Kinda makes me wish that I had to a larger extent been a part of some kind of style (lolita, goth, cyber, or any other thing that takes a bucket load of pictures of themselves ever five seconds).
Anyhow, whilst trying to improve this style that I am heading for, I'll also try to improve my posing-skillz, so hopefully sometime soon I'll be able to look back at these pictures and laugh at my slouchy shoulders!

Any good youtube vids for learning to pose?

Flash and smoke, perfectly sums me up! Lol.
(I swear I don't live in my flanell!

When the sun went down it got cold and I put it on, haha)

Boots of awesome,
I got them(and 9 more pairs of shoes!) from a
friend who couldn't bring all her shoes back to homeland.

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