31 August 2010

Oh, well. What's a royal ball?

I'm not really into deco.
I mean, I love it, to bits! It's pretty, and I really wish I did it!
But I don't really have any space to do so, or the money, even though it's cheaper in Japan to buy the parts compared to importing it, you can't eat beads (your tummy would be upset!), so hence I my priorities are other things.

However, that's why I'm so happy anytime I find something that can spiff things upp easier!
My PSP was looking dull, and when looking in a 100yen shop I found this "safety sticker"~~

It peels off easily, so I won't have to worry about it leaving marks (not that I do, I had it covered in glittery note stickers before this, lol).
Unfortunatly the front part couldn't be used, the stickers are made for PSP2000 and I have PSP3000 :/

1 comment:

  1. sucks that u couldnt use the front part :<
    but its super cute anyway!! :o :D