11 August 2010

Life as a banana

Well, no problemos!
The doctor I first saw was sure that because I was yellow (yes, like a canary), that I suffered from, Jaundice, and overlooked the other health issues I had. So I had to travel by car for 3 hours there and 3 hours back to a bigger hospital, be sat in an infection-cell(because Hepatitis is kinda contagious.) and there they find out I have the kissing disease. Oh Merry Christmas, Swedish health-system! Oh well, easy mistake. It's really rare that you turn yellow by kissing disease, but my liver was feeling sad and underappreciated so it felt it needed to do something drastic for me to care about it.

Anyway, long story short, going back to Tokyo tomorrow, and no party pics for a while, cause I can't drink! Life sucks sometimes, but let's be happy anyway!

And I'm not that yellow anymore! I'm starting to be more in the shade of milked out eggnog!

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