22 August 2010

I need a camera..

And, tadaah! My new bag! Not looking much, maybe (all because of sucky cellphone camera, I promise!). But it's GREAT. It's huge enough to fit in all my school stuff + more! It's a bit bigger than an a4 paper, and very deep. And, it has 10, count em' 10! outer pockets! I'm a pocket-o-holic so that's wonderful junk for me! Also, it has a detachable shoulderstrap, wich is really handy! The bambi is kinda a spacefiller. It doesn't feel right for the bag though, but I'm gonna go to 109 and Harajuki this week I believe, so maybe I'll find something! (I'm really thinking about getting a ridicilously huge furry tail to put on it, it'd look great).

So many poockeeetsss

Also, finally bought the October issue of PopSister! Been eyeing it a while, but today I just simply couldn't resist! I'm really rolling towards that style, and this issue had some nice tutorials for my length of hair(gotta love that Tsubasa Masukawa has short hair!).

Crappy cellphone pics of the tutorial pages! :D

Really love the one on the left bottom of the
right side(Blue with white dots shirt), it's really nice.

A korean tourist came up to me and my male friend and told us we were beautiful people and wanted to take a picture with us, we agreed, and when he told us he was korean I took the chance to demonstrate my mad korean skillz by saying "Annyou!"(spellcheck?) wich means hello in korean. Ah, I'm a multilingual genious! (no, not really)

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  1. XD I always think it's a plus when a bag has many pockets, but I always end up only using one or two of them...

    I see why you love that hair *_*

    Now I know two korean words! Only other one I know, kind of, is...eh...araso (I have no idea how korean words are spelled, but I googled it and it seems to be a word). Which means, like "understood/get it?", I think. At least that's how it's been used in the korean movies I've watched XD