21 August 2010


I'm back to my normal non-yellow skintone!
So, today onwards, makeup is being uuused yeaaah!
Eh. Anyway, the point being that I'm pepped about making an effort now,
so expect pictures and stuff and.. stuff.

Bought a bag today, I'll let you all dangle in suspense for pictures till tomorrow.

Oh, and a tip. Don't waste time/money on Mr.Donut!
Never been disappointed at sweets before this.
Looks good, tastes.. Nothing.
(This applies to the one in Higashi-Ikebukuro, next to Closet Child)


  1. go to crispy creme doughnuts instead! mmmmmmm yummy

  2. Ya I know, but we wanted to give Mr.Donut a try, but from now on it's only Krispy Kreme! It's so awesome...

  3. :( How can something look so awesome and not taste good?