28 August 2010

Extension!! (Not the hairy kind!)

So, Good news!
I've applied for another 6 months of studying at ISI! That means that I will stay in Tokyo until April 2011! As everyone else, my heart said "omgdon'tleavetokyo!".
I wish I could have applied for another year, and then continue into university, but alas, it's impossible.
As before mentioned, in sweden we have CSN(central study bureau), where you can loan money for studies, and also get benefits.(Wich means families don't make college funds) That is if you have completed upper secondary school, wich I haven't. I dropped out on the second time I did the first year. Haha.
So the plan is to go back to Sweden, get the grades I need, and come back to Japan. All expenses paid! (With low interest!)
The whole reason I was able to go here in the first place was that my grandfather unfortunatly passed away and left some money, and my mother decided that she wanted to use her share of the money to help my dream. I'm forever grateful for that.

As the money from grandpa was budgeted to last for a year, I'll be living very spartanly the extra six months, and I'm looking into details about Shopping Services, and am also clearing out my closet for future sales! Keep an eye out for that!
It'll be hectic, school, trying to find a part time job, and possibly try to run a shopping service, haha.

So, perhaps personal posts of this kind is kinda boring?

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  1. its not boring!! and im so happy to hear u can stay longer :D lucky girl!