03 January 2012

300th entry and Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone, I hope your new years eve was awesome!

The days leading up to new years eve was amazing, I visited the town I grew up in and got to meet my chums again! It's been over 2 years ago since I last met most of them!
But that's what's great, even though we haven't met, or even stayed in regular contact, we all just met up and it was like we were in high school again.

For new years me and Zara(who visisted me last winter), went down to visit another friend and celebrate new years together!
Of what I can remember it was a lot of fun, haha.

Anyway, this was what I looked like!
It was a house party(i.e: I didn't really feel like whippin' out the ball gown), so I might not look as fancy as most people did on NYE haha.

On monday school starts, and I haven't gotten hold of the books yet, ahh.

Annnd! As the title told, this is the 300th entry I made on this blog! Woh!

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