28 January 2012


All ladies(or well, most) loves perfumes, and I'm no exception.
Though, my mum is hypersensitive to smells, so I've never really gotten into actually using them. I remember nagging her for a raspberry scented EdT when I was a kid, and when she finally caved in she got this huge asthma attack because of it. Ow.
That doesn't mean I don't buy some though! And I try to remember using them as often as I can.

These are my favorite ones, and really the only ones I own haha.

1. Vivienne Westwood's Boudoir EdP
It's so heavy but so wonderful! I only use it during winter though. 
Me and a friend found it in one of the fancy drugstores along omotesando, for a super discount price! 2500yen! It usually goes for 50€ or something, so it was a real thrift haha. 

2. Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely EdP
The first perfume I ever loved! Celebrity scents are usually.. Not.. a favorite of mine, but this one smells so lovely of flowers that I can't help myself!
It's a very light scent, but it lasts for so long~

3. Lily of the valley solid perfume
Lily of the valley has always been my favorite flower, and I've searched for such a perfume for ages, so imagine my joy when I found this over at Loft a couple of years ago! It smells a 100% like lily of the valley! The best thing about solid perfumes are that they last forever, I think I bought this in summer 2010 or something, and you can barely see the bottom, and there's been no changes in neither texture, color nor smell. And at 800yen that's just awesome.
This is also the only one of my perfumes my mum can stand, so it's the one I currently use..

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  1. I'm allergic to perfumes too. Whenever I get close to someone who uses perfume or go near a place with strong scents, I get this humongous headache and it gets really hard to breathe. :(