31 August 2011

Keeping my mood up... with kittens!

The departure date is getting closer everyday, and with it comes mixed feelings. I love Japan, this is where I want to be. Naturally, that means I'm plenty upset about leaving. And while I dislike Sweden in so many ways, there'll be good things about it too. Both Japan and Sweden have their pros and cons, so I guess it'll all be good in the end.
I'm trying my best to keep my spirits high about leaving, by thinking about all the bad things about Japan(cockroaches! humidity!), and things in Sweden I look forward to.

So here's a small list of what I'm longing for about Sweden!

1 Food
Of course, swedish food is something I've been craving ever since I left. While teriyaki, sushi, onigiri and ramen is all very delicious, there's just something about the food you've eaten since you were a child, right?  I'm preparing mentally for a weight gain of about 5-10kgs when I come to sweden.. (No, not really! Haha)

2 Friends and family
Allthough my friends are sparse but amazing, and my family small and complex, I miss them all, and it will be one of the best things about returning! Being the "runaway" on my "special adventure"(i.e omg I lived in Tokyo!), homesickness haven't been a top priority of mine, but I know how much my mother and father have missed me, so being able to see them again is going to be fantastic!

3 Fresh air and amazing tap water
When I lived in Uppsala(Swedens 4th biggest city), I complained a bit about the air, that was rather dirty compared to my hometowns. After living in Tokyo for 2 years, I'm thinking my lungs will burst by the clean air! Also, I hardly ever drink tap water in Japan(omg the chlorine taste!!), so being able to drink the tap water at my mums house, that goes from a spring in a neighbouring mountain(yes it's THAT village-y!), will be like drinking tears of angels, I believe.

4 Kitties
Cats are my favorite animal, hands down. I haven't had a cat for 4 years now! And although Japan is filled with cats, they are all very scared, and unlike japanese people, doesn't approach you for a snuggle. And the cats at the cat cafés I've visited are rather .. uninterested in humans.  My mom got a cat lady right after I left for Japan, and this spring she got kittens! Although I didn't get to actually be there, my mom uploaded pictures everyday for me to see their growth! Kittiekittie!

These are the two I'll get! I'll either take them both, or just one.. Or none, depending on what kind of apartment I get..

I might make a list of what I wont miss with Japan, for my own sake. It could be good looking at it when it feels too hard.


  1. XD At first I thought you meant that your mum got a crazy cat lady...like, an old, crazy woman with 20 cats. I was confused.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing you again! <3

  2. even though I am not leaving Japan for awhile... I totally understand about the cats! (haha I think none of my friends understand) My mum got a kitten just before I left and I miss him a lot.

    But I can't have a cat whilst living in Japan :( So when I leave Japan the thing I am most excited about is getting a cat