03 September 2011

Shopping therapy

Came up with the wonderful idea to show away the feelings about leaving Japan!
Or, well, to shop for autumn. If I'd stay stay in Japan I wouldn't be able to wear anything autumny until perhaps October, but now, I'll be able to wear it in two weeks!

Went by g.u (oh how I will miss thee lowcost shoppingparadise!!), and bought two pieces that I've already planned for. These will go completly unused until the day of arrival. They'll both be in my carry on luggage, ready to be taken out and worn as soon as I hit Swedish ground.
They might not look like much, but they're both made in "cashemere touch"(closest to the real deal I'll get!), so it'll be comforting to have something warm and snuggly, I believe!

The cardigan is rather big/long, so I'll throw in a thin belt and voila, ready!

As usual I amaze my surroundings by having death fights with vacuum bags to be able to fit my stuff into boxes to ship off, while at the same time buying more things with the mantra "I'll bring these in my bag, I need these for fall/winter!".

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