19 September 2011

Country life

So, my fifth/fourth day back in Sweden. Everything is going suprisingly well! My bag finally came yesterday, so now I can dress, haha.
I'm pleased that I'm not torn apart inside over leaving Japan, since I thought I'd be completly depressed, haha. But I think I left at a good time. Two years is a long time, and the last 6 months I didn't do anything. I want to live in Japan, but I want to do something, school, work, anything, and right now there's nothing there I can do. I'll soon be back there, anyway!

Things are rolling on good here, thankfully! I'm gonna join the local gym, the last two years haven't been nice to my body, but hopefully with some exercise and home cooked meals I'll be healthy and fine in no time! And next week I'm going to start taking driving lessons!
Gonna sign up for adult school this week too! 

So, what do you do in a village? Let there be pictures!
(Yeah, I abuse instagram lately, it's one of the few sources of entertainment I have)

My mother is unknowingly really trendy with her interior, I noticed!
Went to Systembolaget for the first time! You have to be 20 in Sweden to buy hard liquour. I got candy!
The view. Quite different from the view I had in Tokyo.
Raided my grandmothers attic, 7 wool berets and a nifty suitcase!
Kuro, the kittens mother. She rules with an iron fist!

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