28 September 2011

Cleaning out

So, starting new in sweden, eh.
When I moved from Tokyo I threw away -alot- of things in order to be able to actually bring anything. The mood is still there it seems, so I'm going through my old stuff, trying to get rid of most.
If anyone's interested, check out my Tradera, I'll add stuff regulary, and it'll be everything ranging from vintage, rave, weird stuff, to japanese stuff, so. Well. yeah!

Cleaned out my wallet today too, realised there were no reason to carry around gazillions of point cards I can't use. And boy, there were alot! My wallet weighs nothing now!

Oh, and it's autumn up here.. I love it, but it's so very very cold. I kid you not, it's even cold inside the house! I dug out my mums lusecardigan despite the fact that I hate itchy clothing because it's the only thing that'll keep me somewhat warm.

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  1. The number of point cards I've gotten in Japan is ridiculous -_- But a lot of them are actually useful ;_;