29 March 2010

Oh hello! Shopping!

Currently in the midst of brainstorming about the blog. You know, layout, graphic profile etc. I'm supposed to know this stuff, I went to design school for christ sake!
But right now I have no photoshop or anything, my skillz with it isn't too good anyway. But I'm working on it. Beware for the changes!

Had a bit more money than usual these last few days, and they are now all successfully gone thanks to shopping!
I can't for my life take any good pics of the stuff I bought, but they'll show up sooner or later in outfit pictures and my pupe. Keywords is as always pink, lace & Liz Lisa. But this time there's a newcomer! Forever21! Surprise!
Never really been interested in that store, since, well, it feels a bit too dark and rocky for my taste. Went there the other day with my friend Malin, and found a lace vest, a camisole/dress and some kicking heels. All in pink. Monotone in a colorful way. Or something.

Insane amounts of love on these ones. So high though.

Also managed to fit in a wedding party this weekend! Amanda and her husband Ken got married last year, but they didn't have a party or anything until now, that unfortunatly also was their goodbye party, since they are moving to Sweden.

Umm. Lost track of what I was writing now.
Other things, in short:
  • Went for a darker blonde hair, now purple haired. (wtf?)
  • Starting a diet as of today(diet pact, to be specific)
  • Ghibli-museum, what, when, where?


  1. Those shoes are fucking fabulous! *W*

    and I wanna see your (purple) hair! ;D

  2. Love the shoes. The F21 by me always has nice girly pieces. I actually got a bunch of cute skirts from there for Spring/Summer.