17 March 2010

Emergencys and hospital

Ah, this week.

I'm sorry for bad updates, but term finals were coming up, and my good friend Malin had to be rushed to the hospital this Monday morning, because of some kind of back failure. Monday was spent with her from 07.00 till about 21.00 at the hospital, Tuesday we walked straight to the hospital after school and stayed till they forced us to go, and today me and Martin took the day off to keep her company at the hospital. They have yet to find the cause..

About hospitals in Japan:
Make sure that you have an insurance that covers you while abroad. Really.
In sweden we are used to not get to know the price of a hospital stay because our insurance covers everything(and till your 18 it's completly free). So it was quite a shock finding out that a MRI was 30.000yen(~2400SEK), and to stay at the hospital costed 21.000yen/night(1600SEK/night). Thankfully the insurance she took especially for her year in japan covers it all.
Some simple math:
MRI's and other x-rays x 5 = 150.000yen
Approx. nights at the hospital (7) = 147 000yen
Meaning: ~297.000yen (23.200sek) as total. Insane.

And that's just x-rays and her bed. Blood samples, other tests etc etc. It quickly adds up. I'm certain there is a bill for the ambulance, too.
I was actually thinking of skipping this insurance, but now I'm so happy that I did take it, just in case.

In sweden we have goverment run hospital, so seeing a private japanese hospital is quite a change. I would say the service is kind of the same, though. Just in a fancier package.

I'm gonna go shopping sometime soon. I'll post something happy about that then <3

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  1. O___O Fuck that's expensive.

    Hoppas de hittar felet så att hon kan få en fungerande rygg någon gång snart >_<