03 June 2011

Nakano Nakano Nakano Nakano

 Decided to try and be a bit more active, not blogwise necessarily but more.. life.. wise..
So I went to Nakano today with Malin, and was later joined with Martin.
Nakano is, really, a great place. Cozy atmosphere and so much different things. Clothes for all tastes (second hand shops, brand shops, military shops, etc etc), nerdy stuff, music(one of my favorite music shops is in Nakano, called Mekkano, there they have electronic music from all over the world), and much much more. When you're finished shopping it's also filled to the brim with bars, izakayas, host clubs, well, anything really.

Anyway! Did some shopping at my favorite places, and as usual I wasn't let down! Three dresses and a skirt for 2000yen alltogether!
Here's some of it.
Mint/White jersey dress. 500yen! Whaat.

From Claires, but still.

And todays outfit with an awkward pose!

And if anyone has some trick to make your shoulders NOT appear a mile wide in pictures, please do tell! (No seriously, my shoulders= WIDE. I look like superman when I don't balance it out with clothing/angles)


  1. this clothes are realy cute... ^^

  2. My shoulders always look so huge, but that's because I'm 173cm! >_< I've just given up trying to find a way for them to look good haha

    Cute gets! I love that dress! Your outfit is so cute T o T

  3. YES IT IS Nakano ftw in my heart 4 evah!

  4. so cute :) I love your outfit heree~~

  5. Hhahahahaha i know that issue with wide shoulders!! Unfortunatel i have no secret about this topic either haha tell me if you find answers!

    Anyways you're totally cute and i like the way how you do quick updates without tiring 2 metre posts and thx for giving a little peek in your private life. Enjoyed reading ur blog

    Take care