25 June 2011

Tokyo Disney Sea Souvenirs

My friends Martin & Malin went to Tokyo Disney Sea with their school yesterday, unfortunatly I couldn't come with them, bills to pay, etc. But, all is good! They bought souvenirs!

The Aristocats figurine set is actually from Disney Resort Paris! Import and all that, wickeed! The child in me screams "OPEN IIT!" the adult collector in me says "Keep it mint condition!!". Decisions decisions. 
And a Duffy bear! Finally! Since I first set eye on the cuddly amazingness that is Duffy my heart has been crying for it, and now I got my very own, in the perfect size to attach to my bag and always have with me



  1. been dying for a duffy bear, ahh cute!

  2. Congrats on getting your first Duffy!