13 June 2011

Virus, travels and velvet pumps.

 So.. I've been quiet for a while. Biggest reason is the humongous virus my computer got that ate everything. Thankfully I managed to back everything up.. But still, stings a bit.
And the lesser one is that I'm going to South Korea tomorrow, but honestly that have nothing to do with me not blogging, since I haven't really started doing anything yet. I've written a list though! (If you got advice on what to do during a 4day trip to S Korea, please do tell).

Annyway, omg, shoes! Were looking at snaps the other day and this girl was wearing velvet platform pumps and my mind went "WANT!". And wouldn't you know, I found a pair just yesterday! 1890yen from Shimamura, I LOVE THEM.


  1. so so sooo cute pumps!!
    I guess I have to pay shimamura a visit soon~!

  2. I love those shoes <3 soo pretty~

  3. Shit vilka snygga skor!!!!!!! :OOOOO