19 April 2010

Tokyo Sea Life Park

Yesterday, me, Malin and Sabrina went for a sunday visit to Tokyo Sea Life Park.
I love everytime I get to go outside the yamanote and see some new things, so I was excited already on the trainride there. It's located about 15 minutes from Tokyo-station, with Keiyo line. (Station is called Kasai Rinkai Kouen)

The location is soo pretty, it's right by the bay! Lots and lots of water everywhere!
The aquariums speciality seemed to be Tuna since they hade huge tanks filled with nothing but enormous tuna, and you could even get your photo taken with a 2 meter big tuna! (made of plastic).
The day was filled with lots of fun! When we got back into town I met up with Martin and we ate a huuge meal at Shakeys!

Penguine Love!
They hade so many cute little penguines..

And Jelly Fish!
Before me going to Japan I had actually never seen a Jelly Fish!

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