15 April 2010


Yesterday I went to Kouenji!
I've read a little about it, and from what I've gathered that's where the stuff is going down.
Atleast if youre into Mori, SPANK! and Second Hand.
I am, so it was great.
Seriously, every third meter came a new second hand store! Not all were good, of course, like 3/4 of the ones we got into just sold overpriced dirty clothing. One store even took the price with selling like seriously broken converse shoes for 15000yen!! Crazy times!
But there were a bunch of good ones too, and I fell so much in love with a pair of broken into old boots, but the cost was 10000yen so that'll stay a dream.

Also got my chance to go to Spank! I love gyaru, I really do, I love wearing liz lisa and looking sexy and all that, but god you can't take away my love for ridicilously pastelly clothing. So Spank is of course the best second hand store around for me! I was surprised that they weren't as expensive as I thought though. Still, I didn't buy anything, but I'm going back this weekend, and hopefully that lovely enormous pink cardigan is still there!

Made no buys though, surprisingly enough!
Except for one thing, out of dire need. I had been walking around in heels all day, my feet were in pain.
So, I found a pair of cute and SPARKLY ballerinas!

Made entirely out of like.. jelly.

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