21 November 2011

Yet another monday

Hello again! Back at home now, trying to survive rabid kittens. Seemingly they've missed biting my nose so much they are making up for lost bites now, haha.
I made a favicon the other day too! It's .. half-assed, but I'll work on it.

 While in Norrköping, I went to see the Tintin movie! I was surprised how good it was, while my friend was surprised how it weren't as good as he had thought. I guess it's because I expected a silly childrends movie, and my friend expected something super serious for adults. Since it was something inbetween, there's no surprise to why we thought as we did..

When I went to my dads, I got a pair of winter boots! And a scooteroverall(for really cold days/fishing), but it isn't worth a picture haha. Loving these boots! They look a bit big though, but that's only because they are, you gotta have room for all them wooly socks! 

The day before I came to my mothers house, it had snowed! So we made a monkeysnowman. Unfortunatly it started raining the other day so it's kind of lopsided now. I got great plans for an epic snowcave though, so as soon as the snow really starts coming, I'm gonna bring out my blueprints, haha.

Also, I've started crafting again. More specificially, crocheting. And I bought a bunch of different ribbons today so I can make hairribbons, I've always thought it's better to do them yourself than buying, most of the time atleast.. Anyway, crafting is a great way of wasting time, when there's nothing else to do, haha.

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  1. Hi~! I just followed your blog. You're in robotics? That is so cool ♥ I love those boots BTW.

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