26 November 2010

Salon exte!

Woot, I has it!
After reading about it at Graphic Noise's blog, I really wanted to try it! And after some shifting on my supposed-to-be christmasmoney (that I receive, not my funds to by other people things!), I got to do it! Waah!

I made it over at Extensions Tokyo, with a Hot Pepper coupon wich landed it all on 9990yen, for 100g human hair extensions! I don't know how much strands that is, but over 50 I believe? It's also right over my navel, so quite long, too! If the gomi on them breaks, it costs 20 yen for them to braid it in again, and if you loose the entire strand it costs 300 for a new one.
It was my first time to ever do extensions at a salon, and my third time ever to even go to a salon, so I don't really think I'm in the position to write any review on it.. But if you look at Graphic Noise, she wrote a really good one!

All I can say is; I'm super satisfied and am going to start saving up NOW in order to afford new ones when these one's are worn out, haha.

Pic for reference! It looks MUCH darker than it actually is though, but I'll try to get a better picture soon ~~ And please excuse derpface of doom..

All in all I'm very very satisfied, and now I'm off to brush my hair and pretend I'm Rapunzel light.

It's been my dream for many many years to have long hair, since I haven't managed to go over shoulder lenght for the past 6 years, so going to bed with long hair, and waking up with long hair was really similar to the first time I went to bed with 20/20 vision and woke up with 20/20 vision! Haha.


  1. looks awesome! so did they talk to you a lot?www

  2. Oh my gosh, I am so jealous, everyone is getting/has such beautiful long extensions. I want some too but so poor TT