21 November 2010

Piggy tights for piggys.

Soo, since I'm obsessed with loosing weight lately I decided to give something new a try, that I've been seeing around.
Calorie off tights! Sounds silly but yeah, they are supposed to increase your.. calorie burning with 400kcal per hour of walking!
Tomorrow I'll go with my school to Fuji Q Highland (=lot's of walking) and I'm gonna try them out and see how it feels

And the package is hilarious!

(And just so everyone knows, yes, I know the best way to loose weight is by steadily change your eating habits and become more physically active, but I like to explore the shortcuts, and in Japan there are so so so many shortcuts!)

Oh! And about the Germanium Roller I'd say it's worth the money(if you buy one of the cheaper one's, the "real deal" costs like 20 000yen!)!
Atleast when it comes to dark circles (can't really say anything about wrinkles, since I don't have any), but after using it under my eyes I can really see improvement. Unfortunatly I didn't take any before pictures so.. Yeah.


  1. Oh yes, in Japan there are so many shortcuts as you said. It seems they will do anything but exercise haha! (Actually I shouldn't laugh because the ways they go about it can be really dangerous)

    But, I would like to try these out. I imagine they work by adding resistance and that sounds good to me. Did you find them at Donki?

  2. Those are so cool!
    I bought a pair of thigh-high stockings that supposedly make your legs smaller. I'm not sure if they work, but they are very cute!

    I love the packaging! so funny but still kind of cute! haha

    I love crazy things in Japan like this!!