22 November 2010

Rain and disappointments

FujiQ was a disaster. We went there in spite of rain, and the reward was that everything was closed.
Ya, really. The haunted hospital, the teacups & The Merry-Go-Round was all that was open(apart from "Go and look at cards!Wooh!" kinda things). Soo. Yes.
Also the piggy tights managed to escape during the night, and I was unable to find them this morning.. Gonna take a shopping day or something soon, so I'll be able to post about them then!

Bought a lipconcealer from Canmake the other day, and I can't decide if I love it or hate it.
Pale lips kinda gives me a bratty-vibe, since the brats(or Fjortisar) in Sweden luvz the palelip.

So, do I look like a douche or is it passable?

On a positive note, I found a supercheap nailsalon the other day that I'm indenting to try out in the next two weeks! Around 4000yen for gels! I really just want simple ones anyway, so I think it's great. It'd be awesome having superlong superdeco'd nails but.. housework.. Hoow?


  1. you look fab! pale lips is niiiice

  2. lips look gooooooooood! (jag gillar iofs lite fjortisstil (eller, well, GAL))

  3. lovvvvve pale lips! (you might've noticed)