11 December 2010


First of all, I must say that I find it quite amusing that during the time I haven't really updated, I've gained a bunch of followers! The internet works in mysterious ways. (But I'm not complaining!)

Anyway, christmas is getting closer! Gonna try to put up the christmas tree this weekend.
Even though we live in a supersmall apartment, we did get ourselves a huge christmas tree last year. And it twinkles! (Fiber..optics.. lights.. I think) I'll post pictures as soon as the apartment is all christmas-y.

Aaand. What I wish for?


Jeffrey Campbells Lita shoes. How mainstream am I? Haha. But I really really really want them, along with 45% of the rest of the worlds female population.

A new camera, preferably an IXY. I've wanted one since a friend bought one last spring, and now another friend just got hers, and I found out they've cut the price with like 20 000yen!

A Polaroid Camera. I've always wanted one, and they are available here in Japan for next to nothing (5000yen, cheap for a polaroid I think?), and I haven't bought one! Whaat. I believe I'll buy myself this though. It'd be sweet to have polaroids to remember things with.

Still sick, but getting better! My friend Malin gave me some crazy chinese medicine she got from some nepalese friend who got it from some chinese people. It's crazy. I couldn't swallow, then I took one of those, and then I could literally not feel my throat. At all.
I wonder whats in them?

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