12 December 2010

A night in pictures

I went out, drank, went home(I was so not healthy enough to go out D: )
Was a good night though, I made peace with an old friend and learned the proper way to greet Manowar fans!

Ylva has an awesome camera so here's pictures.

Konbini Preparty.
The Pokemon champagne I'm holding was unfortunatly for kids.

Stupid faces was made. (Yeah I know everyone hates that face.)
I HAVE A FRINGE!! omgzz!

And alas, derp and blur was made.

Payed greatly for that I did, my eyes got soo irritated by my circle lenses.
Tip from the coach: Don't have a cold and wear circlelenses. (The shape of the eye changes during a cold, and due to circle lenses size/hardness they irritate the eye even more than usual lenses.) I usually wear my circles for approx 17-19 hours/a day without problem (.. I have long days.), and last night I wore them for approx 8 hours and BOOM, my eyes are a pretty scarlet color.

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