28 December 2010

Christmas pictures

Today I'm spending the day cleaning and making the apartment look nifty, for tomorrow my friend Zara comes to visit me from Sweden! Yay!
Also I'm sulking because I can't go out bargainhunting :(


Haven't posted any pics from christmas, so here they come!

This is actually from before christmas, more exactly, the last day of school! We were making decorations for the school's christmas party, and I tried my hand on origami, and might I say I quite mastered it! (I was like the only one who managed to make rather normal looking santas, haha)

This is actually rather horrible! I was trying to climb up and look for the christmas ornaments, and when I was about to fall down.. did my friends help me? NO! They took pictures, wtf? This generation is so destroyed XD
(Note: They did actually help me down after this photo)

"Yo yo dawg, I herd u liked christmas, so.. " I never did find the christmas ornaments, that's why there's just random glitter on the tree.

Wooo, Swedish christmasfood!
Potatoes, Meatballs, little wiener sausages, red onion,
mustard, smoked salmon and in the foreground is the fabulous christmas ham!

And that was christmas!
And if I haven't mentioned it, my gifts was:
Brown Liz Lisa muffler with golden pin to pin it togheter
The union jack sweater from JSG
Sweet lil' robot necklace
and surprise gift from my friends boyfriend, a mug set with Mickey and Minnie for me and my roomie!

No pictures though, cause I'm lazy and haven't taken any! ( you can see the robot necklace on pupe, and the JSG sweater in a previous post)

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