29 December 2010

The day of arrival!

So Zara has finally come!
Managed to miss my stop on the way to Narita because my favorite yoghurt of all time (only available in Sweden) showed up on the tv-screens in a commercial and I .. yeah, blacked out kinda. Thankfully her flight was delayed, unfortunatly it was by an hour, and with the time customs take, I waited for quite a while!

But now she's here, and we decided to go easy on the first day and just stroll around Ikebukuro a while~

My hood!


Our plan was to eat Shabu Shabu, but it didn't open till five, and when we got there 2 minutes to five, there was like.. 75 peope queuing.. Ehh.
So we thought, curry! And went to the fancy curry restaurant. It didn't open until six.

Ended up on an Izakaya, cheap and easy way to show Zara some japanese dishes!


  1. I'm glad to hear you could meet your friend, it sucks her flight was late TT Yeah the immigrations line was so long and annoying, its so much long in the terminal 1 south wing than the north wing :/

  2. Hug her from me! And tell her to hug you from me too! XD