21 May 2012

Time for change

This weekend I visited my dad, and also finally had a chance to meet some of my relatives on his side! Most of them I hadn't seen for 4 years or more. One of my cousins was a baby last time I saw her, and now she was 6, and completely hyperactive.

Anyway, I don't know if I've really said anything about it, but I'm moving back to Uppsala!
It'll be nice to be out of the forest, haha! Being able to do stuff, meet people! Being able to text a friend and see if they wanna go out and take a coffee later that day, and not having to travel for 10 hours..

In honor of my second movingawayfrom home day, I'll post some pictures of my current room.  Or well, details of it.

 My Angel's Tears! I love this plant so much, everytime I look at it I wish I was 5cms tall and  able to live in it.

 My pins and brooches! The box itself isn't so visible, but it's a souvenir from Gran Canaria or something that I got when I was 6, from some friends of my mother. It's covered in shells!

 Shirts I hardly ever wear but refuse to get rid off.
 Mirror, part of my bag hanger, some hair accessories. And yes, my mirror is indeed wearing an apron.
 Skirts and dresses! I don't really know why I let some skirts hang on hangers and some be folded, but, oh well.

And that was that. I'll try and get my things in order this week. Moving is always troublesome, but I don't really wanna bring much, so it'll be even harder trying to sort out what to bring and what not to.

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