06 May 2012

New Dresses

Everyone has different clothing that they bulk, my thing is dresses!
9 days out of 10 I wear a dress, so when I shop it's mainly for dresses.. Oh god, dresses, y u so awesome? Put on a dress, a cardigan, tights and some accessories and your done! No hassle, like when you use bottom/tops, having to match them together..

So, here's the dresses I got while being down south! I really love the denim one and it was what I used on walpurgis night. We went to some hipster club called Färgfabriken (The Color Factory). I'm not really a club person, but it was really nice hanging out with my friend, and meeting her friends!
The denim and heart dress are from H&M, the shirt dress is from att. but I thrifted it ;D
The shirt dress kinda reminds me of those uniforms voluntary nurses used to (still uses?) in america.. Or maybe it's just in movies?

Destiny gave me 10cms of snow and a raging cold as soon as I got back home, so I'm just lazying about, drinking silver tea with ginger in it.

I did try to paint my hair the other day, tumblrs/youtubers might have stumbled upon that whole "put oil pastels in your hair yay!"-thing that went on, and I finally decided to try it out. Turned out pretty nice I think! Non-damaging, easy to wash out. I think I'll keep doing this! 


  1. im wondering if it would work on black hair :p pretty nice btw

  2. I've never even heard about this oilpaint-hair dye (or whatever it is) thing, but it seems interesting. Anyway, it looks good on your hair so keep doing it :)