24 May 2012

A day in "town"

Today we went into town! Keep in mind "going into town" means traveling for an hour, haha. It was really nice, summer have finally come up here, so I unpacked a specially summery dress just for the hell of it! The town in question is really small, and thus there's nothing really to do there, but it's still more things to do and see than in our yard.. I guess!

I got to eat sushi for the first time since I came back to Sweden! A newly opened restaurant became the first restaurant in this municipality to offer sushi (and other japanese dishes).. Unfortunatly it.. wasn't really good. It's not that I'm spoiled by japanese sushi, because I've always prefered western styled, simply because they are just that, westernized. Lot's of salmon, "easy on the eye/mind"-pieces, and less brown-gunky-goo on top of rice. But this? Nah. But I'm giving the place the benefit of the doubt, they were just opened, we went during lunch time, and I'm kind of assuming the person doing them wasn't schooled in it.
It looked kinda pretty though, right? Btw, chives? And rom? On salmon? Huh?

Best thing of the entire day was without a douuuubbbt, the flamingo scarf!! I've been eyeing it for quite some time now, but today I finally had the money on hand to buy it! I grabbed it and ran! .. I payed inbetween those two actions though, of course. But seriously, it's so awesome! This is just a preview of the pattern (flamingos!!), I'll probably wear it alot.. It's really lightweight and soft, and Swedish summer can be quite cold, so I like to have a scarf along with me, haha.
One flamingo, two flamingo, a scarf full of flamingo!
 I totally forgot to take any outfit pictures today though, I had to rush from the minute I woke up, going somewhere with people ages 50+ means going at 09.00, no matter what. What's up with that? Haha, they didn't even have plans for the day, but it was really important that we got out of the house by 9! Oh anyway, but I did take a detail picture of the dress, I think the pattern is really lovely! Lightweight chiffon ftw!

And hey, Swede's, don't forget about Mothers Day!


  1. I'm really curious about your dress :)

    Anyway, when do you celebrate Mother's day in Sweden?

  2. The dress will probably pop up during the summer in this blog! It's a great summer dres!

    It's always the last sunday in May, I don't really know why Sweden decided to celebrate it on a different day than the rest of the world, haha

  3. I was suprised because we celebrate it on the first sunday of May :) Today, the last sunday of May we celebrate Children's day :)