10 May 2012

Good old platforms

Gwuahh! I was looking through my old stuff today, trying to sort things to donate/sell/throw away/keep, and I found my old platforms!
I bought them when I was 12-13ish I think, and I remember being so happy about them! I wore them everyday for about 3 years haha. It's a wonder they're still intact, but they've been on regular visits to the cobbler, I did my best to take care of them.

After I found them we we're going to town, so I decided to take some matching clothes. Unfortunatly I still suck at this whole outfit-picture-thingamajig (it was so much easier when I had other people to take them for me!), but the dress I'm wearing is the pink/black heart dress I posted about the other day~

Oh be still my heart!

My cold has finally ceased it's hold of me, but before it was even over I managed to wake up to a crick in the neck. Usually it goes away by itself in a couple of hours, but I've had it for 4 days now! I'm starting to fear I'll live my life like Kermit from now on.. You know, having to turn my entire torso, because I HAVE NO NECK.
Do anyone of you have any home remedies?
I've tried hot showers, massage, heatpacks, more massage, painkillers, even threats(!), but nothing seems to work :(

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