13 February 2010

Ello ello

Been spending a lot of time in Harajuku lately, haven't been there for months and then POW, two days in a row!

First day was to find Ylva some fancy heels, and the other day was to buy some underwear!

One thing I love about Japanese underwear = They look awesome. It's really hard to find those boring beige ones. Bad thing is that the sizing is a bit small, but, most of the stores have bigger ones.. not ENORMOUS ones, but still. AND! They are still pretty! In sweden, all the bras in my size are like.. enormously ugly. Or really plain..


It was my birthday yesterday, 19 blazing years! Awesome presents!
My guy gave me an Orb-necklace >
In school, my classmate Emma surprised with... HOMEMADE CURRY! And.. even more epic.. HOME MADE CHOCOLATE TRYFFELS! Insane.

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