23 February 2010


Ahh~ Spring is in the air.
Wich is a bit stressing, soon it'll be warm enough for being barelegged..
And I damn well want shorts! Problem is my legs are.. not working that.
I have fab legs, no worries there, I just don't get in to shorts, japanese nor swedish. And I really want a pair of jeansshorts..

Don't really know what to do about it, but I'll try loosing some weight I guess.
Wích is happening right now! Have been very sick the last few days so mt appetite has been basically non existant, so I guess I'll have to see the positive in that!
Allthough, I still have a very bad cough, but it seems to be going down, finally.


  1. Fan här är det typ två meter snö! D:
    Jag vill med ha spring!

    Men what ya saying girl? Du får ju visst på dig ett par shorts! Oo

  2. Ehh, really? :o sämst :( det snöade typ två gånger här.

    Eh, inte jeansshorts, och är det jag vill ha XD
    Kan typ bara ha de madde har, för de är magiska. Och madde bor ju 1000mil här ifrån nu :( Kan inte ha svenska, eller japanska.. absolut inte japanska :(

  3. Omg japanese shorts D: Det måste totalt knäcka ens självförtroende.

    My shorts are awesome <3