21 February 2010


So.. what I've been doing.
Been sick. Gone out drinking, went to horror-restaurant Lock Up(Shibuya), coughed blood, eaten icecream..

Oh, and I cut my bangs!
This saturday when we were going out, I got Martin to style it

I love the result! And I got a bunch of compliments for it.
It might not show well in the picture, but it's rerally poofy.

I hate that I cant do anything with my hair myself. I can put it in pigtails.. maybe braid it. No more, I have no idea how to tousle hair, for example. Curl? Whuut? Straightening iron?!!

Still coughing, so I better sleep!

1 comment:

  1. Oh vad fint det blev!
    Värsta snygg! *W* Du är så fin~

    Hoppas du kryar på din gumman för det låter verkligen inte bra och fan I miss you ♥

    Jag vill så gärna åka och hälsa på dig men jag vågar inte åka själv >_<