14 February 2010

It's my birthday pt1

The 12th was my 19th birthday, but since it was on a friday(not really benri/convienient), celebration was made on Saturday!

Some people came over for pastries and cookies and a bit of a preparty~~
Not much pictures from there though.. but I can show the awesome stuff my awesome friends bought!

Amanda had made me this really cute hairclip, and earrings
So sweet ;o; Oh! And she have a store, please check it out Pink Cotton Candy Shop

And Ylva, had as usual brought an awesome gift, this time, a bolero from Angelic Pretty! Uwahaha ;o;
There is a reason I've nicknamed her "Bringer of Brand" ;D

Dearest Malin gave me so much! I got a lucky pack from Liz Lisa, and by a lucky strike, the cardigan I've been eyeing for a few months was in it *-*
Also, she had bought me a pair of wonderful Liz Lisa Earrings, and a bunch of other equally pretty Earrings (she's good at listening to what you says, I've been whining of a lack of earrings lately, haha) :D


  1. Oh nej vad fina grejer du fick! *W*
    Värsta awesome friends du har!

    Och vad fina grejer Amanda hade gjort! Ser proffsigt ut!
    Och den där cardigan! Den passar din stil perfect!

    Det enda jag kan ge dig är fake kramar och pussar >__<
    *Puss, puss, kram kram*

  2. Aaawawaw tack för länken! Påminnde mej om att jag måste fixa till sidan hihu<3

    Jag e glad att du gillade dom :D

  3. Åh fan Amanda är så jävla duktig!

    Och waaaah, vilken söt bolero <3