18 March 2011

In Fukuoka

So yesterday we arrived a bit after eleven at night to Fukuoka. Took about 5 hours by Shinkansen(damn that train is fast!).
We have this nasty habit of not booking hotels and stuff before going, so we had to search for a hotelroom in the middle of the night, thankfully we found a place, but just for the night, so today we gotta search for another place. All places we've looked up online are booked for Saturday Sunday so.. Yeah. let's see what happens!

I rock at packing btw, I took with me a good number of everything, skirts, tops, cardigans, panties. But socks and stockings? One pair of each, and I broke the stockings on the trip here, haha.

Instead of the usual religious books found in western hotels,
there was a manga depicting the life of some legendary guy here in Hakata, hahaha

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