15 March 2011

The earthquake

Yeah, so I guess you all already know about it.
It was indeed scary as hell.

Right now I feel lonely being calm about it.
Almost everyone I know is running away from Tokyo. Foreigners are going back to their countries, and some japanese people are if able going south.
The streets are rather empty. Compared to other citites there's alot of people, compared to Tokyo a week ago, it's really few.

I'm trying not to be online too much, that's why I haven't updated earlier,
it's kinda hard going online and see friend after friend posting "Leaving!", and some will never come back.

But I have an emergency bag packed and we've bought Iodine incase the radiation get's crazy.

Sorry the gloomy feeling, but it feels rather gloomy seeing everyone just root up and leave.

1 comment:

  1. First, I would like to say that your blog is my absolute favorite to read, and I'm really happy that you've updated, as I was worried.
    Second, I would like to also say that I really commend you on your overall approach to these events. I wish you the best, you are very strong, and stay safe. :] I hope that things will start recovery in Japan soon.
    Thanks for your update!