12 May 2011

Fire, walk with me

No updates as of recent since, well, stuff. Been occupying myself with watching Twin Peaks, finally! Nagged my roommate about it for almost 2 years and a couple of days ago the coin fell down and he realized it was a Lynch product, so he finally succumbed.

Anyway, went out to Ikebukuro today! Here's what I got:

Swimmers Hairbrush, BB cream, MNY lipgloss

Rather excited to try out the BB cream, I've read so much good about BB creams.
Summer is coming rapidly and maybe I just suck at putting on makeup but when the heat really starts going sometime in June it just melts of my face, I figured that wouldn't be the case with a matting BB Cream, so I'll keep my fingers crossed!

1 comment:

  1. Twin peaks is the best show ever. Hey, I got this CD from Phantasma Disques that I could send you if you're into darkwave/chillwave stuff; here's a sample :