18 May 2011

Kyokutou Girl Friend and Sayonara Party

So last saturday me and my roomie went to see the band Kyokutou Girl Friend at Holiday Shinjuku. Since they are disbanding rather soon they have a weekly live thing, and we went to volume 2. Other bands playing where,  トーマス(thomas), ヴィデオグラマァ(video glamour), LIPCHLICH, ドクターマルモット(Doctor Marmot), F’Ar÷EAST†KANφJO(Kyokutou Girl Friend alterego band), コドモドラゴン(Kodomo Dragon). First band was the KGF alterego band, wich was rather entertaining since they came up in early Visual Kei type of costumes (orange wigs, too much black makeup etc) and did some covers of that kind of bands.
Since it was Kyokutou Girl Friends event, the rest of the time was waiting. 6 hours of waiting to be exact. I had great hopes for both Doctor Marmot and Video Glamour but none of them were as I expected, so I was kinda disappointed.
When finally Kyokutou came up on stage all I could think was "I'll be going home soon!!", but disregarding that it was fun seeing them again, seeing how it was a bit over 2 years since I last saw them.

Kyokutou Girl Friend "Doku" Mask (Doku means poison).
Oh how we hassled the staff woman, seeing how Martin wanted to buy fifty-eleven copies of everything they sold, haha.

After the concert, when I thought I was going home, we instead ended up going to an acquaintances Sayonara party, she's going back to Korea. It was fun and cozy as it always is(they usually have homeparties in her guesthouse). Me and my roomie decided to walk home instead of taking the train, and somehow the less than an hour long walk ended after 7 hours, walking all around the northwest part of Tokyo.

I know everyone has probably seen this already but I think it's funny!

So that was a lengthy post about nothing in particular!
My everyday life right now is a rollercoaster of one moment having so much doubts about myself(I barely graduated junior high, and now I'm trying to get a job?), to being super confident(nothing matters but willpower! I can do it!).

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  1. You can do it! I'm rooting for you <3