28 May 2011

Cravings from the motherland

It's raining, the kind of super wet rain that soaks you from just looking at it, and a typhoon is seemingly on it's way. Because of that I don't really have anything to do but think about...

Some things all swedes, when moving abroad, misses the most is probably Marabou Chocolate, crisp bread and pick & mix candy. I miss all of them, alot. However, both chocolate and crisp bread is available at IKEA, and it's rather easy for family/friends to send.
What I really really miss is the candy. Even though I sometime get some sent to me, it's just not the same, you know? It's the whole feeling about it, mixing your own bag, to fit just the kind of candy cravings you have right then. And it's cheap, too. Last time I checked it's about 1000yen for a KILO of candy.

However, I have indeed encountered pick & mix candy here in Japan though. But, well, not the same really. You can choose from a whopping 5 different candies(!), all hard candies, and you can put them into a tiny teeny little bag, and then it costs 160yen.

Well, better than nothing I guess.

A pretty standard swedish pick&mix candy aisle.
(taken from google)

Japanese pick&mix. (it's about 10cmx5cm)

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