20 May 2011

Budget shopping, be still my heart!

Walked to Ikebukuro today with a friend, for some more suit-searching, and a drink. However we decided to jump into G.U, wich is a new store that just opened, it's a part of uniqlo(I think), but even cheaper. Crazy prices! So I didn't find a suit, but I decided to reward myself for being quite good with all the CV sending and stuff, so I bought some new things~

The skirt is too awesome! And at 990yen I couldn't walk away without it, the shoes were 690yen(!!), also bought a t-shirt and a cardigan for equally ridiculous prices, but they're really plain haha.

1 comment:

  1. That skirt is really cute!!!! I love the print. And the shoessss! they look just like converse but were sooo cheap. Good gets!