11 February 2011

Nails and Lashes

Nails, Paris Kids 315yen. I really recommend Paris Kid's nails actually.
They are extremly cheap, and that's always a plus! Also, These are short, wich is good since I kinda have a hard time having the super long ones that are sold at Donki. You can buy short nails there too, but they usually go for about 2000yen.

Falsies, Daiso, 100yen / piece.
No.11 are my standard ones, that I always use. The two in the foreground are for layering.
I've never tried layering with half lashes before, so I decided to throw a pair in to see how it turns out~

Also, is anyone interested in pictures from the instore Liz Lisa Spring catalog?
Picked it up yesterday and gwahhaasdasd. You know Chambre A Coucher , their interior line? They've released plushies... In the shape of a super cute sheep! I love love love sheeps, and I want it so badly.

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  1. Åå jag vill ha både naglarna och ögonfransarna!