02 February 2011

Holy crap

Went over to Shinjuku today, to Video Market.
It seems like THE place to go to if you want live bootlegs of western bands, porn, and *drumroll* horror & Sci-fi.
My roomie is a horror junkie, I'ma Sci-Fi junkie, so alas.

Holy Freaking CRAP.

Jumped back and almost got a heart attack when getting off the elevator, and was greeted by a 2m tall freaking Alien! Scared the jeebus out of me.
The picture doesn't do it justice though, it's freaking scary.
(Kinda like the time in Ebisu when I saw Darth Vader standing in a window)

Unfortunatly the store had a meek selection of Sci-Fi, and they were kinda expensive since they were imported. I'll probably go back sometime though.
They had both "Let the right one in" and the remake "Let Me In" though, that was nice to see!
I don't at all see the reason of the obsession of america making remakes of foreign movies though, is it really that hard to read subtitles?

1 comment:

  1. "is it really that hard to read subtitles?"

    Well I ain't watching them movies to read!

    Did I sound like a redneck? That was what I was going for, but I think I failed :(