20 January 2011

Clean hair, yeaah!!

After diluting the tiny amouns of shampoo and conditioner left with water for two weeks, I finally got around stocking up again. 1230yen for Shampoo, Conditoner, Extra cleansing shampoo + hairmask. WIN.
Seriously, this is probably the best you can get when it comes to hair care.
After bleaching my hair white for 5 years, my hair was pretty messed up, but after moving to Japan and starting to use this my hair acts like nothing ever happened, haha.
For someone who's tried everything & failed, I truly recommend it.

1 comment:

  1. Tsubaki, YAY :D
    I totally agree, my mom buys it here in Hong Kong and I steal it sometimes ;) It makes my hair super silky ^^