04 January 2011


Since Zara's here visiting, we're doing some sightseeing. I've never been interested in it, but Zara is, so to most of the places it'll be my first time too, haha.
But today we went to Asakusa, saw the temple, the market, ate the food.
I even got a fortune! However it was so bad, so I quickly tied it away, and just in case I bought one of those good fortune bags (I'm so bad at the terms on these things!)
After that we went on the Sumida Boat Cruise (highly recommended, if you to like ride a boat. I do.) and then off to Harajuku.
Omg I'm exhausted.

And, well, no pictures from it since, well. Everyone knows Asakusa. It's probably the MOST photographed spot in all of Tokyo, haha.

Instead, I give you todays outfit!

Leopard jacket: JSG (lucky pack)
Knit: H&M
Skirt: Honeys
Bag: Gal Fit
Grumpy Face: Priceless

I'll try to get a shot of my outfit every day this week, let's see how it goes!

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