30 March 2012

Amazing dress and new protection

I decided to try and be serious about you know, pictures and stuff, use the camera instead of the phone. But then I found out that I seem to have dropped my camera one too many times on the floor, because the quality wasn't really that much better! Which sucks, it used to be a really good camera..

Anyhow! I'm super psyched about this dress! It's from the swedish store Gina Tricot, and a while back they had this dress in pretty much every color there is, and I used to own it in lavender. Unfortunatly, due to it being my go-to dress during several years it had become so ratty I had to throw it away when I moved from Japan.. But fortunately there is loads of people who doesn't understand the greatness of this model of dresses, so theres bunches of them on auction sites! This became mine for 6SEK!(approx 100yen), + shipping! Can't argue with that, seeing how it's seemingly never been worn at all, haha. And you know, it being THE BEST DRESS MODEL OF ALL TIME. Of all time. That I tell you.

When we went to Strömsund, we also did the mandatory visit to tThe Dollarstore, which is exactly what it sounds like, a dollar store. I think it's exclusive to the north of Sweden, or atleast it used to be. It's basically the go to place if you want cheap anything.
Stumbled over this silicone case and I've been looking at similar ones online, but for more than double the price than this one was, haha.

Hopefully a silicone case will help protect my phone better, as mentioned above I have a tendency to drop electronics on the floor repeatedly, and after six months I just discovered the first crack in the screen..
It's amazing it's still intact though, seeing how I've dropped it multiple times a day since I got it..  Well, knock on wood that it wont fall apart on me.

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