09 March 2012

Fought for parcel

Uhh, one of the things I dislike the most about my current place of living, is that due to it being in the middle of nowhere, parcels and stuff takes much longer to arrive. If the shop says 2-3days, it usually arrives within 5-10.. Even EMS, which I was really pissed about, I mean, I pay extra for speedy shipping, and then it takes almost a week longer than it's supposed to? And it isn't even delivered, we have to drive for half an hour to pick it up :(

Uhh, okay, enough ranting! Reason for the rant? I ordered from H&M!

As usual, the kitty&photo rule applies, if you try to take a picture of your cat, it runs away, if you try to take a picture of something else, suddenly: CAT!! (The cat in the picture is named Pentax, and it's because she loooves photobombing)

Nothing over the top whootiwhoot, but man! I'm so happy anyway!

The reason I ordered this (and the yumetenbo order, tho it was partly my birthday present to myself), is as a reward. For what? Weight loss. 
When I moved to Japan and started living with my roomie, he introduce me to his decadent eating habits, which of course resulted in a considerable weight gain for me, since I don't have the metabolism of a young man :( And all that white rice. Every day, white rice galore.
That's pretty much the reason why I suddenly stopped wearing light colors, and opted for dark shades. I just felt like the michelin man, and since I moved to Sweden I just didn't feel like dressing up at all, because everything was unflattering and impossible and after a while I just stopped trying.

So, in about January I decided to stop moping around being unhappy about myself, and just do it. Since then, I've lost almost 10kgs! I've actually only lost 9, but I hurried the reward for this time to combine it as a reward for doing two essays and being a total boss on two math tests, haha.
So, I get myself a reward for every lost 5kgs, just something, not running out buying a car or anything.

There's still quite a bit to go till I'm around my desired weight, and I can't really say I see any difference in the mirror(that's why progress pics are a godsend!), I still feel like dressing up more often. Of course I tend to ragequit in the midst of dressing because of reasons, but I still manage to put something together, put on some god damn full make up with lashes n all, style my hair and go out. Allthough my outfits are a mess right now, I'm torned between light colors and dark colors, and those parts of my wardrobe doesn't really match.. Oh well, I'll figure it out! 

Long entry about uninteresting things, but.. well.


  1. I like the top and the shoes :) How did you lose weight? With some kind of exercise? Or just changing your eating habits?

  2. Thank you! I'm looking forward to spring-ier weather so I can use the shoes! :D
    Just changing my eating, I'm too lazy to actually exercise .__.; I do small exercises (like hip bridges, crunches or legraises), every now and then, but not often enough to count it in haha

  3. Holy sh-- 9 kg?? That must be noticed a lot though! I bet I won't ever recognize you, haha!

  4. Ylva, haha, it really isn't that noticeable! It only shows when comparing to the before picture or I'm wearing clothing that I've shrunk out of (like the shorts I posted on FB).