14 September 2012

Bye summer, I hate you anyway

This summer might just be the worst summer I have yet to have had. It's been painful, and like walking through syrup. But, now it's September, autumn. And hopefully it'll just go up from here. I'll just cross out the summer months from my memory forever, haha.

My only plan for this autumn is FUN. Having fun, doing fun things, feeling good.

First thing I did was to sign up for.... adult ballet classes!
Yeah!! I've gone to two lessons so far, and it's so so so fun and so so so rewarding. Going from a couchpotato to a ballet class, doing them pliés and twirls and whatnot really does a number on you. My muscles are sore for a week, and when they've just stopped hurting, BOOM, another class. But it's awesome.

I truly truly recommend anyone who reads this and have thought that maybe maybe ballet would be fun, DO IT. You're not too old, you're not too weak/fat/whatever! It's so rewarding!

In other awesome news, my friend exclaimed yesterday that it was time to go to Paris, and I couldn't agree more. So we're going on October 1st, for a few days of heavy smoking and coffee drinking. We won't be caring about the tourist things, so if you have any tips of some nice café with some good coffee, please advice! And my friend wants to eat a lot of food, so if you have any good restaurant tips, please share those too!

The summer might have been shitty but I'm not going to let autumn turn out the same way!

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